Mobile Auction

Ken Dahlberg,  Shanna Dahlberg & Wendel Bernstrom (See “About Us”)

Ultimate Dealership Auctions, LLC will come and conduct a Dealer-Only or a Public Auction at your site.   

Ultimate Dealership Auctions, LLC has determined that a sale once-a-month or more often produces the best regular attendance.  However, Ultimate Dealership Auctions, LLC will work with each individual dealership and their particular needs. 

At YOUR Dealership!

Ultimate Dealership Auctions, LLC feels that it is the “WHY” part of the equation that will make the most “CENTS” for you, the dealer, to establish a relationship with Ultimate Dealership Auctions, LLC.  


  • Exclusive Sale – No competition from other dealer’s inventory.  This is YOUR OWN Auto Auction!
  • Minimal seller fees.  (Call for dealer cost comparison)
  • Zero vehicle transportation costs.  (Call for dealer cost comparison)
  • Limited dealer overhead.
  • Fast and efficient inventory control.
  • On-site dealer financing available.
  • UDA will process all checks/titles per normal auction protocol freeing up dealership staff.
  • UDA will provide sale-day drivers, if desired, at dealership expense.
  • Over 300 area dealer notifications will be mailed by UDA for each sale.
  • Auction inventory will be  placed on UDA’s website for dealer preview in advance of sale.
  • 21st Nov, 2013